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Introduction to XXP

XXP is a collaboration between APS Ltd and InGenius Solutions Ltd. Acting on behalf of, and providing services to, universities, colleges and other learning providers.

It provides cost effective, hosted services to support the creation and exchange of XCRI-CAP. Additionally, it provides 'value add' services that utilise XCRI-CAP data, for example a course search that can easily be integrated into your own website.

XXP can convert non-XCRI data into XCRI-CAP (eg. CSV to XCRI-CAP) and XCRI-CAP data into other 3rd party formats (eg. UCAS, Skills Funding Agency, etc.).

Overview of XXP

XXP is a modular solution. Modules can be selected and combined to provide a customised solution for each client. Modules consist of three broad types: 'getting data into XXP', 'getting data out of XXP' and 'doing stuff with data on XXP', eg. courseSearch. The following diagram gives an overview of the structure of XXP."

XXP Overview

Further information on the services can be found here.